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A licensed blood bank at Sharda Hospital is dedicated to delivering quality blood & blood products. Sharda Hospital works towards improving the safety of blood transfusion practice by all means. We are catering our services for a decade to meet the needs of patients, hospitals, clinicians and related services as well as required procedures. We have all the latest equipment, which are required for blood collection, donation and transfusion procedures. All these equipment have been selected with an objective to provide the safest possible specific blood and blood components to the patients. Strict safety measures are adopted in the blood bank to eliminate even the minor possibility of any infection. We follow stringent quality control measures by a well-defined quality management system with a safe blood transfusion policy.

  • Whole blood, PRBC, fresh frozen plasma and platelet concentrates.
  • Jumbo pack platelets by apheresis machine.
  • Screening of blood for transfusion-transmitted diseases.
  • Adequate blood storage.
  • Blood processing and separation by modern technology.
  • Blood grouping and Coomb's test by ID gel methods.

Voluntary successful blood donation camps organized at regular intervals

Department runs round the clock 24 x 7 and blood along with its components are supplied as and when requested.

  • Well maintained separate rooms dedicated for donation, refreshment, cross matching, serology and storage.
  • Standardized and calibrated Donor couches, Blood collection monitors, components centrifuge, separate storage cabinets for tested and untested blood, deep freezers, platelet agitator, Apheresis machine to ensure safe blood transfusion practices.


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Dr. Priyanka Chadha

Assistant Professor, Blood bank Department

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