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 Facilities for International Patients

Our International Patients Team ensures providing you with world class quality of service to make your medical journey hassle free for you and your family.

  1. Providing detailed medical opinion and tele- consultation with our team of doctors before arrival
  2. Assistance with Visa Services
  3. 3. A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to each patient to take care of all you needs inside the hospital and to assist you with hospital administrative processes
  4. International Concierge Desk at dedicated International lounge will help to arrange for a hotel/ guest house as per your preference.
  5. Complimentary two way airport transfers
  6. Dedicated Relationship manager to take care of all you needs inside the hospital.
  7. Payments can be done either via cash, credit card or Wire Transfer.
  8. International Concierge Desk available at the hospital will facilitate travel within the city as well as for local sight-seeing
  9. Interpreters available at the hospital

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Disclaimer : This is an indicative cost based on the reports / information shared with us. Final estimate will be shared once patient is physically evaluated.

Pre-treatment Services

We instill our faith in the phrase - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means, the world is one big family. And hence, at Sharda Hospital, we treat our international patients as our revered guests who deserve utmost comfort, care and regard. Our happy patients flying back with memorable stories keep us propelled for sustained hard work and improved hospitality.

Post Treatment Services

Your cordial relationship with Sharda will be everlasting. That means, even after you leave the campus, we ensure that your quick recovery happens as scheduled. Enjoy the benefits of Sharda’s best in class post treatment services provided by our valuable staff.

Value Added Services

Doctor's advice. Anytime. Anywhere.

Sharda Hospital has a Telemedicine solution, a synergistic convergence of Information Technology with medical science. Sharda Hospital's telemedicine centre uses live video conferencing and real time medical record sharing/communication portal. Sharda Hospital's telemedicine centre uses live video conferencing and real time medical record sharing/communication portal. The combination of telemedicine technology paired with specialty medical devices enables Sharda doctors to the patient as if they were actually in the examination room with the patient. The specialist can provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment, request referral, send laboratory test request and provide prescription to the patient.

The advent of new technologies has given rise to virtual medical advice from anywhere in the world. With Telemedicine, patients can consult Sharda doctors from wherever they are, using their smartphones or PC. The combination of telemedicine technology paired with specialty medical devices enables our doctors to see the patient as if they were actually in the examination room with the patient. The specialist can examine the patient, review vital signs and patient history, provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment (which can usually be delivered locally), request referral, send laboratory test request and provide prescription to the patient. Telemedicine minimizes the need for travel for both the patient as well as the specialist.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance reach and touch more lives
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies
  • Higher capital efficiency
  • Connect early in the patient lifecycle
  • Attractive consult model
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Secure

Telemetry Devices ( Optional - To be procured by customer)

To provide patients with an in-person comparable experience, the patient end point is supported by interoperable third party Telemetry enabled medical devices. The devices that the platform is currently integrated with are FDA compliant, HL7 compliant and work as plug-andplay. Currently the platform support a range of 8 telemetry devices.

Below is a list of some of the Telemetry enabled medical devices at patient endpoint:

  • Vital signs monitor (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation)
  • Stethoscope
  • ECG
  • General exam camera
  • Otoscope
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Dermascope

Sharda Hospital aims at connecting our team of 300+ doctors to the patient at any remote location of the world.

Transmitting radiology reports beyond boundaries

Sharda Hospital extensively uses Teleradiology for transmission of radiological patient images, such as MRI’s, CT Scans & X-rays from one location to another for the purposes of sharing studies with other radiologists and doctors.

This technology intervention helps patients and diagnostic centres in remote locations to connect with Sharda's radiologists with their radiology images for expert opinion and get appropriate treatment recommendations. This service will play a very vital role in reducing patient waiting time for diagnosis, treatment commencement and cost.

Tele-Pathology helps to exchange specimen slides with scanned and high-resolution digital images via microscopic digital cameras. TelePathology makes it faster and easier to share medical images. Biopsies can be cut, stained, scanned, magni?ed and sent digitally during an operation. A pathologist can read the slides remotely in real-time and provide the surgeon with an immediate diagnosis.

Tele-ICU is a new addition in the ?eld of healthcare to take Sharda's Hospital's critical care unit to a higher level and standard. It is a type of virtual ICU (intensive care unit) that remotely observes a patient’s status via state-of-the-art audio-visual communication and computer systems with the help of a reliable networking with a bedside ICU team. Doctors give expert advice for management of critically ill patients including initiation of mechanical ventilation or noninvasive ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring support, management of di?cult to ventilate patients like ARDS and obstructive lung disease.

Journey at Sharda Hospital

  • Get your medical history reviewed - In case you’re suffering from a concurrent anomaly, we advise you to mail us your medical history at * or give a call at *. We shall connect you to the appropriate professional.
  • Have a Glimpse of Our Facilities Through Video Call - Before visiting the hospital, feel free to ask for a video call to get a better view of the facilities, services, and doctors
  • Stay Rest Assured Of Your Visit to Sharda - Our special team takes care of your booking requirements for flight, hotel, and cab. We hold our faith in the notion - Atithi Devo Bhava - Treat Guests Like Gods
  • Your Companion at Sharda - Every member of the hospital will be your companion during the stay here. Apart from that, we have our friendly team of Hospital Companions to walk you through all the processes. Your Companion will guide you from admission to discharge. Don’t forget to click loads of pictures with them after you check out.
  • Your Documents are Safe With Us - Documenting all your medical records, prescriptions, and doctor recommendations is an onus we shall take. Also, we take care of your Visa documents, flight arrangements, and hotel booking papers.
  • Fly Back Safe and Share Your Story - Our happy patients are our strength. You can easily reach your doctor, even after you are discharged. Our tech-savvy doctors would love to see you in the cosy ambience of your home.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Ans - You shall be welcomed by our Executive at the airport who will be your assistant throughout your stay. They will help you in boarding the cab arranged by the hospital and will arrange your stay at the hotel that fits your budget.

Ans - In case the patient needs immediate care, we send a team of doctors for intensive care services in our well-equipped ambulance.

Ans - You will meet your Hospital Companion on your first day who will walk you through the procedures. They will fix your appointment, take you to the doctors, give you a tour of the hospital and resolve all your queries.

Ans - Most of our doctors are multilingual which means language will not be a barrier. Also, we shall arrange coordinators and interpreters who act as a medium of conversation between you and your doctor. We shall also assist your family and friends for the same.

Ans - Yes, at the dedicated lounge for International patients, you will be attended well by the assistants, helpers, and the medical staff.

Ans - Day care surgery means patients undergoing surgery / procedures do NOT require to stay overnight in the Hospital.

Ans - Patients can deposit the payment by cash/Demand draft / Credit cards like MASTERCARD / VISA cards .

Ans - Adequate rest is important for you. However, we have accommodation in Rain Basera and University Guest House

Ans - The length of your stay is based on your progress and your treatment. Please check with your doctor.

Ans - Our Pharmacy is committed to making sure patients use prescribed drugs safely. When you bring medicines from home, we don't know if the drug has been properly stored or original or is otherwise safe. To make sure our patients receive medication in the exact dosage needed, they are given only those medications ordered by their doctor from the hospital Pharmacy.

Ans - On the day of your discharge, our goal is to have you ready to leave before 12 noon. Your doctor will write your discharge order after the morning visit and we assure a quick completion of formalities.

Ans - Yes, we do have canteen facility at University and Hospital as well. Lego House in University premises ; Urban Thali , Uncle Cafe , More than Cafe and Sharda Food within the Hospital Premises.

Preventive Health Packages

Prevention is always better than cure. Subscribe to one of the preventive packages introduced by sharda Hospital to spread awareness for health.

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