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5 Years Old Child Got Rid of Empyema thoracis

5yrs female child admitted in paediatric ward with diagnosis of Lt Empyema thoracis after that child was put on IV antibiotics, ICD was inserted and chest physiotherapy started. Ev

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Mr. Punkesh Owes his Healthy Life to Phenomenal Urology Department

Mr. Punkesh Chaudhry, a 26-year old corporate professional hailing in Noida, is known among  his friends as a party animal. Most of his friends prefer him over Google to explo

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Mr. Ravi Singh Reincarnated after 12 Year

Mr. Ravi Nath Singh, a 76-year old male from South Ex., who is the inspirational source in the family, came in the cardiology department with a severe chest pain. He was not even a

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Mrs. Stuti Mishra said Hello to Heathy Life with Treatment of Recurrent UTI

Mrs. Stuti Mishra was a 42-year old patient facing continuous problems of recurrent UTI and supra-pubic pain. When she was brought to Sharda Hospital, her condition was worse and h

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Mrs. Deepa is Enjoying Healthy Motherhood after Consciousness Loss

Patient Deepa, w/o Mr. Shri Pal, was admitted in the Obstetrics Emergency on 6.6.17, at 8 AM in the morning. She had delivered an IUD baby at a private hospital 9 hrs back, with th

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Mrs. Neeraj Fought Back Against Huge Fibroid of Broad Ligament

Patient Neeraj Devi w/o Braham Singh, aged 45 Years was admitted in Sharda Hospital with complaints of gradually increasing swelling in the abdomen with menstrual disturbances. Pat

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How Mrs. Brijesh Got Rid of 7-month Old Amenorrhea

Mrs. Brijesh, a 33-year old lady, was admitted in Obstetrics casualty on 23 /6/17 at 1:39 AM. Her husband Mr. Devi Lal himself was in huge trauma after seeing her wife’s path

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Dr. Shehla Jamal is Grateful for Scar Site Endometriosis Treatment

Dr. Shehla Jamal was in grave pain when she was brought to Sharda Hospital. She had been suffering from pain and swelling at cesarean section scar for last three years. The menstru

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Mrs. Deepti Mehta defeated Cancer with best oncology treatment

CANCER- even the word is enough to horrify anyone. There are very few cases wherein patient led to a healthy life after combating cancer. Here, Mrs. Deepa Mehta, a 45-year old home

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Mrs. Pramila got the Name for her Angel- Sharda! Let’s know how

Mrs. Pramila w/o Mr. Jitendra, a 25-year old lady, was admitted in Sharda Hospital on 18th Sep, 2017 obviously not in a good condition. She was the case of primi gravid with 34 wee

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