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Mr. Punkesh Owes his Healthy Life to Phenomenal Urology Department

Mr. Punkesh Chaudhry, a 26-year old corporate professional hailing in Noida, is known among  his friends as a party animal. Most of his friends prefer him over Google to explore the nightlife dens in Delhi/ NCR. Good package, only child of parents, successful career. Cool life! Isn’t it?   

But the evil eye cursed his almost perfect life on 7 July, 2016 when he was working on his desk and a sudden pain on the left side of his abdomen pounced. When he was taken to Sharda Hospital, he was screaming out of pain.    

After the ultrasound, he was detected with a large stone in his left kidney.  His parents were horrified; even his fear could be seen on his face. Even a smaller stone was developed in his right kidney.    

“The urology department at Sharda Hospital is amazingly equipped with all the advanced medical diagnostic & treatment equipment and facilities. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone and treated there with a laser surgery with minimal invasion. Afterward, I never witnessed such intolerable pain of stone.”
Mr. Punkesh Chaudhry

The senior urologist Dr. Indernath suggested a surgery. “SURGERY”!!! What!!! It was his instant reaction. Doc smiled and said, ‘Gone are the days, when critical surgeries were in trend. Now we have switched to the advanced laser technique. Minimal painless invasion, laser rays, and it’s done.”

He was looking relaxed and convinced. He could hold his verves. As promised, a painless laser surgery was conducted and the patient was back to a stone-less kidney.

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