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35-Year-Old Woman Fights Chronic Sinusitis

In December 2016, Ayesha's condition was severe. She was experiencing dizziness, fever, fatigue, and congestion. Her sinuses were draining, yellowish to green, thick mucus.

Ayesha would feel pressure all over her face. She had a hard time breathing and falling asleep. Most of the time, she would feel more and more congested. 

"I ignored my condition for so long that it turned into Bronchitis. My doctor advised me full bed rest for 2 weeks on a strong course of antibiotics" says Ayesha.

After 3 weeks of struggle, Ayesha considered taking a second opinion. Her friend Mohit suggested her to see Dr. Rohit Saxena, HOD, ENT and Head & Neck Surgery.

He diagnosed Ayesha's symptoms and browsed through her medical history and treatment. After going through her records, the doctor prescribed a CT scan and MRI to confirm chronic sinus infection. 

As Ayesha had already been on medication from previous treatment, Dr. Saxena suggested that surgery would be the better option to treat the condition.

After consulting her husband, Ayesha consented for the endoscopic sinus surgery. The doctor mildly sedated her and used an endoscope to explore her sinus passages. Then, the doctor removed the tissue that was causing nasal blockage.  

"Since the surgery, I feel amazing. I can breathe. I can sleep. The expert and empathetic care at Sharda Hospital helped me recover speedily." - Ayesha Banerjee

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