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A Corrective Jaw Surgery Restores Lady’s Confidence After a Horrific Accident

Like any regular day, Meenakshi was on her way to work. She was on a scooty and was hit hard by a fast truck. She fell on her face and suffered numerous injuries. The next she remembered, she was at the hospital.

"I was about to ask the nurse about what happened, but I wasn't able to speak or move my jaws. The nurse told me I had a jaw bone fracture," said Meenakshi.

Jaw-bone fracture dislocates the mouth from the skull. Like any bone fracture, it limits the actions and movements and causes tremendous negative effect on the diet as it creates restrictions on eating, drinking, and talking. It also affects the structure of the face causing a traumatic experience.

Doctors and physicians prescribed a few weeks rest and a soft diet. 
The doctors decided to perform a surgery to reset the jaw back. Meenakshi underwent a dental surgery. 

After weeks of physiotherapy and few exercises finally, things got under control. She was getting better at her eating and talking. She came back to the partially solid diet. 
"I am really thankful to the doctors and especially the nurse who was there for me all the time. The painful days were still so comfortable because of the care she gave me", said Meenakshi.

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