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From size XL to size M again - A Journey of Transformation

Ananya has always been an enthusiastic, energetic fitness freak. However, her professional commitments demanded her to be seated for long hours. It took a toll on her eating, sleeping and exercise schedule. Late night deadlines and meetings kept her away from the gym and recreational activities.

She had started observing a gradual increase in her weight.

“I tried, low carb diet and lost lbs, but that was not enough. In fact, working out wasn't having a much positive effect either. While researching to improve the situation I stumbled upon an article on Liposuction surgery but found the videos very scary. Hence, I decided to consult a doctor", said Ananya.

She consulted Dr Varun Kulshreshtha, a Senior Consultant in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Department at Sharda Hospital. He cleared all her doubts regarding the surgery. "I was much more confident about liposuction after his consultation", said Ananya.

Ananya was given anaesthesia in order to make her non-responsive to the pain and to ensure she remains stable. In this process, the doctors removed the fat via a cannula (a tube) and an aspirator (a device for suction). Through these procedures, the doctors were able to remove the extra fat and other body fluids. The entire process took an hour and the team awaited for Ananya to gain consciousness to start the postoperative process. Within the next 3 days, she was discharged.

“Finally, I am back to my original body figure and all the credit goes to Dr.  Varun and his team for not only preparing me for the surgery but for the amazing post-op care", said Ananya.

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