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In June 2016, Aarushi visited Sharda Hospital complaining of severe pain and sickness. The reports of her tests and examinations divulged that she had Hiatal Hernia. 

Aarushi was afraid at the news as she was staying alone at a PG in Noida. She was referred to the Minimal Access Surgery Department where Dr. Vikram Singh Chauhan examined her and suggested a minimally invasive surgery. 

Within few weeks, Aarushi was scheduled for the surgery to repair her Hernia.
“I had severe bloating, awful wind, indigestion and a terrible taste in my mouth. My breath must really smell. It is starting to seriously impede my social life as I am always so concerned about what might happen. I am vegan and it seems that every vegetable I eat makes the situation worse.” 

For the surgery, doctors made small incisions in the stomach through which they inserted surgical instruments and a laparoscope. The laparoscope helps the doctors to remove the hernia as the organs are displayed on the monitor. The surgery was successful but the patient is asked to strictly follow the precautions like abstaining from lifting heavy materials at least upto 3 months. 

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