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Ajay Finds Permanent Relief From Laryngeal Cancer

Ajay was suffering from a sore throat for quite a while. In July 2016, when he started facing breathing difficulties, neck pain and excessive coughing, he suspected it was more than just a sore throat.

After undergoing a regular endoscopy, he noticed that his condition had improved. However, when later he started having difficulty in swallowing food, he came to Sharda Hospital for a detailed check-up.

Dr. Rohit Saxena diagnosed Ajay's symptoms and prescribed a laryngoscopy. His test results confirmed of Laryngeal Cancer. 

After the biopsy, Ajay noticed some redness around his throat. The doctor revealed it was the case of squamous cell carcinoma. The cancer was benign and could be treated by the surgery. 

With a family history of pancreatic cancer and early death of his mother, Ajay was sure to take the treatment as soon as possible.

The doctor prepared Ajay for the surgery under general anaesthesia. He removed the part of Ajay's larynx which was infected with cancer. He closed the gap by connecting the cricoid cartilage and the hyoid bone. If Ajay had delayed the procedure, he may have lost his voice.

"I guess sometimes your symptoms scream of your deteriorating health. I am glad I received a correct diagnosis at the correct time. Dr. Saxena's diagnosis is commendable and so is his treatment procedure." - Ajay Bakshi

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