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Anurag Comes Out Victorious, Defeats Atrial-Fibrillation

He had high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. He knew he needed a proper diagnosis and treatment for his deteriorating health. Despite that, 70-year-old Mr. Anurag Bajaj ignored his health in order to focus on his family's needs and their well-being.

As any other day, Anurag took his medicines and continued with the daily chores. Moments after reaching the office, he started experiencing severe chest pain and dizziness. When he was brought to the Sharda Hospital, his heartbeat was irregular. He was also on loss of breath.

Post ECG and other tests, he was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Atrial Fibrillation is a condition when a patient’s heart beats are irregular which may lead to risk of heart stroke or heart attack.

When asked, Anurag told Mr. Subhendu Mohanty, senior cardiologist at Sharda Hospital, that he had experienced breathlessness earlier as well while brisk walking and gardening. He also stated that he could not afford to stay in the hospital due to financial problems.

Dr. Mohanty told him to take rest and not to worry about the bills. He explained him there is a special provision in Sharda Hospital that could allow him some rebate on the bills. Delighted by the care and empathy, Anurag decided to proceed with the treatment.

Dr. Mohanty administered medications to regulate his heartbeats first as he was a patient of diabetes too. Once the heartbeats were normal, he suggested Mr. Bajaj to go Ablation surgery if the situation worsened. Positively, the medications did good for him.

Mr. Bajaj now feels much better and is leading a healthy life. Besides, he is now more vigilant towards his health as he was on the brink of getting a heart attack and may have not survived. He thanked Sharda's team for the generous treatment. Now, he's back to being a caring family man.

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