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Arthritis Made Ajinkya Take a Back-Seat, Physical Therapy Proved to Be a Ray of Hope

Ajinkya had put on a lot of weight. He was over 15 kgs than his normal weight. Slowly, he began to face difficulties in performing the daily tasks. Hence, he decided to get back in shape.

He started gym, running and swimming alternatively. The enthusiasm to lose weight was so high that Ajinkya started extensive training for faster results. The constant impact on the body resulted in excruciating leg pain. Firstly, he tried running through the pain but as his legs began to swell, he realized he need to take it slow.

After continuing for a week, his legs almost lost the range of motion. Worried with his condition, he consulted a general physician. The physician stated that he has arthritis in his knee. He was given medication and was asked to rest till the condition gets better.

Ajinkya did not appreciate the treatment course. He visited Sharda Hospital for a second opinion. At Sharda, he was directed under the supervision of Dr. Chandan Kumar. After examining Ajinkya's condition, the doctor asked him to take few physiotherapy sessions to get back on the feet.

Motivated by the thought, Ajinkya started his sessions in January 2018. After a couple of weeks, the doctor was not only successful in eliminating the pain, but also restored Ajinkya's leg strength.

"Dr. Kumar made me try exercises like hamstring stretch, leg raise, one-leg dip, leg stretch and more. His constant efforts and empathetic care really brought life back in my legs." - Ajinkya Chehal

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