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Being Able to Read Again After Strabismus Surgery

Hina was born with strabismus in her left eye. At 3 months of age, her pediatric ophthalmologist stated that the strabismus had been treated and would cause any problems in her vision.

As she grew up, she started complaining of eye pain whenever her parents asked her to complete the homework or read. Often, she would just put her head down saying "I'm tired" and would close the books.

At first, Ankur (Hina's father) thought she is making excuses for not studying. But, later, he recalled about the eye complication in Hina's early years. Without wasting time, Ankur brought Hina to Sharda Hospital.

He met Dr. Yogesh Arora and confided his concerns to him. Dr. Arora suggested curing Hina's condition through strabismus surgery. Uncertain about surgery, Ankur asked the doctor to advise him of some other treatment option.

But, as Hina's condition was critical, the doctor ensured him that surgery will be the best option. Considering what's best, Ankur agreed for the surgical treatment. After preparing Hina for surgery, the doctor made a small incision in the tissue covering the eye to reach the eye muscles.

The eye muscles were detached from the wall of the eye and repositioned during the surgery. Hina was discharged the same day and is undergoing vision therapy to keep the eyes aligned and to improve depth perception.  

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