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Blood Transfusion Opens Avenues for a 30-year-old Leukemia Patient

Arbaaz returned home after his daily swim when he experienced immense tiredness and exhaustion. While having dinner, he also began experiencing throat soreness and sudden chills.

The symptoms persisted and worsened so he decided to consult a doctor. The local doctor prescribed him some antibiotics to relieve his throat infection.

After a three days, when even those medications did not work, Arbaaz came to Sharda Hospital for a complete diagnosis. When Arbaaz visited Sharda Hospital, he was unable to consume any type of food. He became very weak and lost all his strength.

Dr. Sanjay Rai, HOD, Oncology & Onco-Surgery took over Arbaaz's case. He ordered blood tests which showed Arbaaz had a very high blood count. Post physical examination, Arbaaz was diagnosed with Leukemia.

As Arbaaz led a healthy life, the diagnosis came as a shock to him. Understanding the criticality of his condition, Arbaaz was immediately placed on a schedule of chemotherapy treatment. His condition was so serious that the doctors had to wait for him to get better for further procedure.

Arbaaz was kept under observation for two weeks in the ICU. With constant support from Dr. Priyanka Chadha of the Blood Bank department, it was possible to continue Arbaaz's blood and platelets transfusions. 

Arbaaz continued to receive transfusions for two months, while also receiving treatments to combat the leukemia. After two months, Arbaaz was finally stable enough to pursue treatment for leukemia. He is now under the treatment of Dr. Rai and making progress in his condition.

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