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Aman Champions the Final Round of Life and Career

It was campus recruitment time and Aman Sisodhia (22 years) was dedicatedly preparing for the life changing interview to his dream job. On the D-day, while he was in front of the interviewing panel, he experienced difficulty in breathing, unusual fatigue and uneasiness.

He ignored the symptoms and continued with the interview. After a while, he came out of the room. The symptoms worsened resulting in shortness of breath and continuous hiccups. Aman was brought to Sharda Hospital in a serious condition.

Analyzing his condition and shocked at the extremely elevated blood pressure, the doctor suggested quickly had him rushed to the emergency unit. He was diagnosed with a Valvular Heart Disease.

HOD Cardiology Sharda Hospital, Dr. Subhendu Mohanty was called immediately to the Hospital to take charge of the case. He administered that Aman had symptoms of both diseases – Valvular heart disease and the Turner Syndrome. His main heart valve (Aortic Stenosis) narrowed with Regurgitation (leakage in the valve). He also showed signs of Ascending and Arch Aneurysm (largest artery of the body dilated, 3 times) and Coarctation of Descending Aorta.

Aman was in a life-threatening situation. Several complications required medical assistance in one go. The success rate for his operation was quite less. 

Dr. Mohanty and an expert team of cardiac surgeons decided to carry out the operation in two-stages.

After 12 critical hours of combat, Aman opened his eyes. His first question was - what about my interview? His family members told him he was selected for the last round but due to his medical condition, they had put him on hold.

Post 7 days, Aman came to the hospital for his regular check-up. He brought sweets for the staff. 

After all, he had overcome multiple cardiac complications and pursued his passion.


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