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Gurmeet Returns Home After a Successful Cochlear Implants Surgery

Gurmeet was preparing for her final semester exams when she had an ear infection in the right ear. In the midst of preparation, she took over-the-counter medication to subside the pain. Though she felt relief, her ear was still numb.

A few days later, her eardrum was perforated and there was a constant discharge from the ear. When she consulted her college doctor, he immediately referred her to Sharda Hospital.

Worried about her condition, Gurmeet made an appointment with Dr. Rohit Saxena. She expressed her concern to the doctor about the upcoming exams. Dr. Saxena, understanding the criticality of her situation, prescribed her some medications to help her go through the exam time.

In addition, he also explained her that the medications were for the time being and she needed to undergo a surgery to prevent hearing loss. As Gurmeet felt relief, she didn't follow-up on the surgical advice of the doctor.

3-months later in 2017, Gurmeet was diagnosed with another infection in her right ear and hearing loss. Her situation was alarming when she came back to see the doctor. The doctor insisted her to make a decision about the surgery.

The next day, Gurmeet was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Saxena sedated her with general anaesthesia. Further, the doctor made an incision behind her ear to open the mastoid bone leading to the middle ear space. After 3 hours and determined efforts by the doctors, the surgery was successful.

"I could have lost my hearing ability. There are no words to explain how grateful I am to the whole team." - Gurmeet Kaur

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