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Harish Combats Cancer, Twice

Mr. Harish worked in a high-tech industry and ran sales operation there. His career was going all great; life smooth and settled. 

"I was having my dinner and felt a bit pain in my jaws. I tried to grab another bite, but it was hard to eat", said Harish.

The pain became more frequent, and he decided to see a doctor. Harish went to a nearby dental clinic. The doctor suggested some tests which made him nervous. After all the test results were out, there stood a jarring diagnosis. Harish was diagnosed with Jaw cancer.

The next step suggested by his doctor was to undergo radiation therapy and have a jaw reconstruction. He underwent the procedures and got his jaw reconstructed, but was devastated when the cancer reappeared six months later.
He noticed unusual changes in his facial skin and felt the same pain again in his jaws. His wife arranged an appointment with Dr. Jagdeesh HG, a specialist in advanced dentistry and a dental surgeon at Sharda Hospital.

Dr. Jagdeesh and a cancer specialist from Cancer Institute, Sharda Hospital went through Harish's reports and examined his case. The radiation therapy he underwent had damaged his facial skin. The plastic surgeon, oncologist, and Dr. jagdeesh recommended a reconstruction surgery. 

Harish was skeptical but Dr. Jagdeesh and his team at the Dental Science Institute, calmed him down and prepared him for the surgery. The pros and cons of the procedure were explained to him.

He went through chemotherapy and reconstruction of his jaw which took five years to completely recover. However, he is safe and the tumor has not returned, which is all that matters.

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