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Teenager’s Story: Back To Health after A Kidney Transplant

At age 16, Akanksha was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure. This was a very sudden and serious medical issue that shocked her and her family. From being an active, sporty teenager, she discovered she had less than 10% kidney function.

Within days of her diagnosis at Sharda Hospital’s Center for Renal Sciences & Transplant, Akanksha had to have a catheter fitted and was put on dialysis. She had to be on dialysis for nine hours a night, seven nights a week which only gave her another 10-15% of kidney function.

“My life had turned upside down and I didn’t feel like a normal teenager anymore. I couldn’t do the things I normally did. I couldn’t play outside, I couldn’t go to my friend’s for sleepovers and I couldn’t go swimming. I was scared I’d get hurt or my PD catheter would fall out” recalls Akanksha.

The only option was to have a Kidney transplant. Her parents were tested and her dad was found to be a match.

Today it has almost been 2 years after the kidney transplant. In the last couple of years, Akanksha has flourished. She still needs to go to hospital for her monthly check up and will have to do this for the rest of her life. She also has to take lifelong medicines, currently 20 tablets a day. But, on the whole, she has been keeping really well. 

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