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Immobile After Giving Birth, Sana Gets Moving Again

Sana was 28-years-old and 8 months pregnant when she delivered her first child via emergency C-section. Despite experiencing severe back pain post delivery, she was discharged 3 days after her daughter's birth.

Once home, Sana's back pain worsened. The medication also did not prove to be of any help. She began losing strength until she was incapable to bear her own weight.

Three days after she was discharged, Sana was back in the hospital. The treatment showed no improvement in her condition. Distressed by her condition, Sana's husband brought her to Sharda Hospital.

After examining her, the doctor stated that Sana had developed transverse myelitis, a spinal cord infection. The later effects were more disturbing. Sana lost sensation in her legs and became immobile from the waist down. She thought she might spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

However, Dr. Chandan Kumar asked her to have faith. He started the treatment with antiviral medication and proceeded with neuromuscular stimulation and exercise. The treatment helped Sana improve her strength, ROM (range of motion), and flexibility.

After a year of constant care and observations, Sana Khan was able to stand and walk a few steps. Her treatment is still continuing and there are potential signs of her recovery.

"I lost hope of walking again. I would just lie lifelessly. The decision to consider physiotherapy changed my life for good. I feel whole again. Thank you team Sharda for treating me patiently and compassionately." - Sana Khan

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