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Innovative Procedure Saved Ambreen from Hyper Pigmentation

Ambreen came to Sharda Hospital after a couple of months of noticing dark spots on her face. The spots would not fade, even after using expensive cosmetics. As Ambreen continued working, often she would feel embarrassed by the appearance of her face.

She, somehow, wanted all the spots to disappear. Ambreen started using peels suggested by friends. They showed little progress, but were a very slow process. She was hoping to get better as soon as possible.

When she visited Sharda Hospital, she was asked to consult Dr. Akhil Kumar Singh, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy Specialist for her condition. After examining Ambreen, Dr. Singh confirmed of hyper pigmentation.

The doctor advised her to undergo the treatment of chemical peeling. In this procedure, a masque was applied on Ambreen's face. She had to keep the masque throughout the day and then wash it off with normal water. After removing the peel, she had to apply an after cream to prevent excessive itching.

The treatment was painless. She only experienced a tiny bit of tingling and redness which was normal. The cream she applied helped her skin stay smooth the entire time. Within 2 weeks, Ambreen could see the improvement as her spots began to fade.

4 weeks later, Ambreen's skin was free from hyper pigmentation. She had natural glow on her face and her skin tone also improved.

"Choosing not to wait for long really worked in my favor. I feel confident, happy and beautiful. I appreciate Sharda Hospital for housing such a competent team of doctors and specialists." - Ambreen Sheikh 

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