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Kidney Disease Discovery a shock for Mr Sushil Prakash

Mr Sushil Prakash has always been an active man, playing cricket and other sports along with his full time job has never stopped him. But in September 2017, he complained of often feeling tired and fatigued for which he had never complained before. He decided to get a check-up done by his family doctor. His doctor indicated that there was a significant loss in his kidney function and referred him to Dr Indernath Verma, Senior Consultant, Urology and Renal Transplant at Sharda Hospital for second opinion where he was diagnosed with kidney disease. 

Mr Prakash believes that he had been living with the disease for at least a year before the discovery. The good news is that with the help of Renal Sciences & Transplant team at Sharda Hospital, he has been able to manage his kidney disease, without needing to go on dialysis. The next step for Mr Prakash now is a kidney transplant. His sister is a match and they are hoping to have a spring transplant operation.
Sushil has stuck to the instructions the health-care team gave him like eating properly (people with kidney disease have specific food restrictions), exercising and taking his medications. 

“The urology department at Sharda Hospital is amazingly equipped with all the advanced medical diagnostic & treatment equipment and facilities. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone and treated there with a laser surgery with minimal invasion. Afterward, I never witnessed such intolerable pain of stone.”
Mr. Punkesh Chaudhry

When the disease is not managed properly, dialysis can be needed sooner or might be started in an emergency situation. Sushil said the renal health-care team helped to ensure a smooth transition. “They knew exactly how I felt,” he says. “It’s such a relief to have someone understand exactly what you are going through. It really provides you a peace of mind and you know exactly what to expect.”

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