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Slowing down the Much-Dreaded Alzheimer’s

Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor seemed to be a couple madly-in-love. After years of courtship, they married each other and were blessed with two beautiful children. Mrs. Vinita Kapoor was extremely proud of her accountant husband’s accurate judgement and top-notch decision making. 

Mrs. K noticed a change in her husband’s behaviour. At first, she ignored it thinking that age might be catching up, however, when signals kept increasing, the wife was naturally concerned. 

Forcefully, she took him to the hospital and discussed with about the underlying issues with Dr. Bhardwaj, Head of Neurology. Mr. Bhardwaj, gauging the extent of the problem, asked Mr. K to undergo a few tests to understand the disease. 

The reports came out and it was conclusive. Mr. Bhardwaj told the couple about Kapoor having Alzheimer’s; they were left in a state of shock. However, he assured them about the possibility of slowing down the disease and controlling the symptoms.

“I never thought that the hospital would be so supportive, let alone go out of the way to assist me. I would be worried with the mood swings and call the doctor sometimes, even at 2 in the night. 

The doctor and the staff never complained and always solved my problems like their own. says Mrs. Kapoor.

She adds, “Mr Bhardwaj seems to have a special attachment to my husband’s case,” 

The hospital staff says it was challenging to deal with Mr. Kapoor as  his frequent mood swings have been extremely unpredictable. However, the nurses here love taking care of their favourite patient.

Kaveri, the head nurse says, “when he is in the best phase, we love chatting with him. He helps us with a few transactions as well at times.”

Another nurse, Kavita says, “Mr. Kapoor is very particular with his medicines thanks to his caring wife who makes sure he never misses taking the Cholinesterase inhibitors.”

The couple has now learned to live with the disease and Mr. Kapoor visits the hospital regularly to receive his share of love and warmth.


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