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Newborn's Life Restored Through Fast Platelet Transfusion

In 2014, Sukriti gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sara at Sharda Hospital. The couple and their family rejoiced with the arrival of the new family member.

The following morning, after Sara was born, the on-call nurse observed unusual bruises on the newborn's back. As she reported the condition to Dr. Nimmi Chutani, HOD, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, the doctor immediately prescribed blood test to check the new born's platelet count.

The results confirmed Sara's platelets level was extremely low. She had a total of 7,000 healthy platelets while the normal count should be around 250,000. With her little blood volume unable to clot due to low platelets, Sara was experiencing continuous bleeding.

Sukriti's and her husband's platelet type were incompatible which lead Sara to the Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia or NAIT disorder (low platelets).

At first, Dr. Chutani contacted Dr. Priyanka Chadha of the blood bank department to arrange platelets for Sara.  As the newborn had already developed a brain bleed, she would not have survived without platelets transfusion.

Since using donor platelets was a temporary solution, Sukriti was required to donate her compatible platelets to save her daughter. Early morning, right after 48 hours of delivery, Sukriti was brought to the Blood Bank department.

"The paramedics at the Blood bank department were quick and highly supportive. They eased the whole tensed situation for us." - Darshan (Sukriti's husband)

In less than 24 hours, after Sukriti's donation, Sara received her mother's platelets. This transfusion raised Sara's platelet level to 319,000. Sara is now living a healthy life without any complications.

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