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Newborn Receives Successful Congenital Cataract Treatment

June 3rd, 2016 was a joyous day for Mr. & Mrs Dhingra as they became parents of a healthy baby boy, Ishaan. The new parents took every preventive measure to ensure their child's well-being.

3 weeks later, when they came to Sharda Hospital for Ishaan's neonatal screening, Dr. Ravi Kale, Child Care Specialist noticed that Ishaan's right eye was cloudy and unresponsive to light.

At once, Dr. Kale referred Ishaan to Ophthalmology department for a more thorough examination. From there on, Dr. Yogesh Arora took charge of the situation.

When the doctor examined Ishaan, he found that the newborn had a unilateral congenital cataract. He consoled the parents and ensured them - there is nothing to worry about. It is great that the condition is addressed at an early stage and the treatment process could begin.

Dr. Arora first suggested dilating eye drops to see Ishaan's reaction to light. Later, the doctor advised that surgery will be the best choice for the newborn otherwise he might be at a risk of contracting amblyopia.   

Not long after, Ishaan was prepared for eye surgery. Dr. Arora successfully removed Ishaan's optical lens, which was clouding his eyesight. At follow-up exams, Ishaan's eye was responding to light and his condition remained stable.

"As new parents, we were anxious and nervous. We weren't sure if Ishaan would be able to see. But, the vigilant team at Shard Hospital supported and kept us positive throughout the treatment." - Mrs. Dhingra

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