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Paresh Is Living an Active Life After Years of Bulging Disc Pain

Paresh was suffering from a problem of bulged disc since 21 years of age. His condition gradually worsened over the years. After a while, he lost his ability to move. The pain and numbness caused frequent spasms in his body.

Realizing his condition is only deteriorating, he consulted his local physician. The doctor advised him complete bed rest for three months. As his condition got better, he resumed working. One day when he woke up, he found his body slanting to one side with his hip sticking out.

The condition was so devastating that he happened to be on a turning point of either surgery or living with being slanted. Even after seeing top chiropractors, there was no improvement in his condition.

His friend who had been treated at Sharda Hospital suggested him to consult Dr. Chandan Kumar of Physiotherapy department. Determined and positive, Paresh visited Dr. Kumar. The doctor thoroughly examined Paresh's and assessed his posture.       

Dr. Kumar confirmed that the incorrect posture and poor walking was causing strain on his lumbar, hence leading to pain and no improvement. He suggested trying some simple bulging disc exercises like neck extension, shoulder retraction, isometric hold and neck retraction to ease the pain.

Within 2 weeks Paresh was able to perform 20 minutes of cardio in the gym and climb stairs with ease. "I feel much positive about my back. I wish, I had come at Sharda Hospital a bit sooner." - Paresh Gupta

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