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Physical Therapy Helps 35 Year Old Recover after a Jaw-Bone Fracture

Umesh, a 35 year old explorer was riding a bike at a nearby state park. After about a mile, he lost his balance, and rode off the trail, losing control of the bike on an uneven ground. He fell on his right hitting injuring his face badly. A sharp pain followed and he noticed he couldn't move his jaw very well to speak. A couple who witnessed the accident called the ambulance. They called Umesh's wife and waited until she came. The ambulance arrived and Umesh was taken to Sharda Hospital.

At Dental Institute, an x-ray confirmed that Umesh had fractured his mandible bone. The emergency physician diagnosed a jaw-bone fracture. Fortunately, the condition was less severe. The physician prescribed 3 to 4 weeks of rest, and a soft diet. She also instructed Umesh to see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The surgeon prescribed a mouth splint to ensure the jaw rested in a proper position.

A month later, the surgeon examined through a new x-ray and informed Umesh his jaw was completely healed. But Umesh complained that it still hurt, and felt heavy during mouth movements. The surgeon recommended physical therapy.

Umesh's physical therapist conducted a full examination and noted that Umesh had a reduced range-of-motion in the jaw. She applied gentle hands-on techniques (manual therapy) to ease the soreness and encourage movement. She taught Umesh gentle exercises that he could do at home to help speed his recovery. With physical therapy sessions twice a week now he feels a lot better.

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