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Physiotherapy Helped 23-Year-Old Woman to Combat Chronic Neck & Shoulders Pain

Maithili is a hard working career-oriented woman. Her dedication and passion earned her a position of Executive Manager at a very young age. Thriving and moving forward, Maithili did not let any limitation walk past her work.

However, the turn of events lead her in a compromising situation. Constant sitting in the same position for 10-12 hours had a negative impact on Maithili's neck & shoulder. When she came to Sharda Hospital, she lost the ability to move her neck.

She would scream out of pain even while turning her head swiftly.  Dr. Chandan Kumar, expert Consultant Physiotherapist took over her case.

At first, Maithili was hesitant in beginning any type of physical therapy as it would consume a lot of her time. She was rather looking for a quick fix. To which the doctor explained that if she neglects her condition, she might suffer from a prolonged period of arthritis.     

"I was unsure how therapy would work with my hectic schedule. But, the team at Sharda Hospital was very cooperative. Dr. Kumar always worked with my schedule. He taught me some exercises to make sure that I was able to get past the pain on my own." - Maithili Kishore

The treatment procedure started with heat packs and trigger point massage. Dr. Kumar used exercises like shoulder squeezes, head tilt, neck roll and wing span to ease the tensed muscles. After two weeks of therapy, Maithili was back on track.

She now maintains a proper sitting posture and take frequent breaks to keep her body movements perfect.

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