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Ray of Hope for Parents

After consulting many doctors in their locality, Mr. & Mrs. Singh lost hope for betterment of their three-month old son, Japneesh. Doctors were not able to diagnose their son’s problem.

Since Mr. & Mrs. Singh were worried about their son’s condition, one of their friends suggested them to consult cardiology expert doctor XYZ at Sharda Hospital.

When the couple came to the hospital, they told the doctor Japneesh showed symptoms of cold hands and feets, irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath. The doctor diagnosed Japneesh and stated he was suffering from Coarctation of Aorta which is curable through pediatric cardiac surgery.

Coarctation of Aorta is a condition when the major blood vessel (aorta) narrows, restricting the heart to pump blood through Aorta.

When Mr. & Mrs. Singh consulted their local hospitals for surgery, the hospitals refused to perform the operation as it was a risky case. The couple again came to Sharda Hospital in hope for good news. The child was admitted in the hospital.  

After consulting with the pediatric department experts Dr. Subhendu Mohanty, it was advised to carry out cardiothoracic surgery in 2 stages. The first surgery was to be performed the next day and the child was discharged thereafter the operation.

Since then, he is doing fine and growing. The second phase of the surgery is due, and will be completed when the child attains 2-years of age. 

“The team at Sharda Hospital held our hands and guided us through the entire process,” adds Mrs. Singh. Coming all the way from Amritsar just hoping for our boy to survive was only possible because of Doctor Mohanty. We felt our kid was in the best hands there.


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