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Macular Degeneration: The Battle for Sight

Milind Sharma, a 53-year-old man noticed serious vision issues and faced trouble in seeing, reading and writing. He came to Sharda Hospital with a mindset of regular eye check-up.

However, when ophthalmologist Dr. Yogesh Arora, diagnosed him, there were signs of an eye disease which could not be fixed with glasses. Milind was slowly losing his vision due to macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration is a disease in which the central portion of the retina (macula) deteriorates causing loss of ability to read, recognize faces or colours, drive, and see objects in fine detail.

Dr Arora suggested an OCT (optical coherence tomography) to confirm the condition.  The test reports confirmed the macular degeneration condition. He then recommended Milind to go for laser surgery before the situation becomes unmanageable. Six months later, when Milind's condition worsened, his son fixed an appointment at the Opthalmology department of Sharda Hospital.

Before the surgery, the doctor gave Milind an anaesthetic eye drop.The doctor then used an intense laser light beam to burn small areas of the macula (abnormal blood vessels). The surgery helped in sealing off the leaky blood vessels and preventing more vision loss.

"The team at Sharda Hospital definitely held my hand and guided me through the entire process. I am grateful for their compassionate treatment and care."

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