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Transrectal Scan Prepared Irfaan to Find Early Treatment for Prostate Cancer

In September 2017, Irfaan's experienced blood in the urine. His health began to deteriorate as his condition got severe. Irfaan would feel pain in the lower back, upper thighs and hips. Alongside, he had a hard time urinating. Often, he would feel the sudden urge to urinate. 

After discussing his condition with his father, Irfaan was brought to Sharda Hospital. Before coming to any conclusion, Irfaan was prescribed to see Dr. R.P. Tripathi, HOD, Radio-Diagnosis.

The doctor diagnosed Irfaan's symptoms, and suggested PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) test to confirm the condition. The reports did not show any sign of prostate cancer. Irfaan was put on a medication course to record improvements in his condition.

When the medications did not work, Dr. Tripathi prescribed a transrectal scan which would give an accurate report of Irfaan's condition. The transrectal scan confirmed of the prostate cancer.

"I am heartily thankful to Dr. Tripathi and careful diagnosis. His un-conventional analysis has saved my life. If it was not for him and the team at Sharda Hospital, I would have lost the chance of getting early treatment." - Irfaan Syed

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