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10 Year Old Undergoes Kidney Stone Removal Surgery & Recovers Smoothly

Farrah complained of pain in her abdomen when brought to Sharda Hospital. She was referred to Dr. Gayatri Koley, a paediatric specialist in such cases.

Koley sensed it was not a case of usual gastric problem in children and suggested ultrasound and other tests. It was confirmed that Farah had a stone in her kidney. "Kidney stone at the age of 10 is absolutely not usual. We were scared as she had to go through a surgery to remove the stone", said Farrah's mother.

Farrah was put on mild anesthesia after which an endoscopic tube with a tiny lens on its one end was inserted to get the view of urethra and urinary tract to find the stone. The surgery was performed where the stone was broken into pieces that passed through the urinary tract.

Within an hour, she was out of the Operation Theater. Farrah was recovering physiologically.

She also attended a psychiatric session to ensure the surgery had no impact on her morale.

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