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Winning at Life's Race!

Since Neena Sisodia was a little girl, she has enjoyed competing in athletics at school. When she hit adolescence, she became more passionate about being a runner. She had even completed several marathons nationally and internationally. When she got engaged at the age of 25, she wished to continue pursuing her passion for athletics. However, extensive training and running for long hours caused a hitch in her daily routine.

She started experiencing extreme pain in her knees. Even while resting, she used to suffer with pain for several hours. After consulting some doctors and taking medicines at their prescription, her pain subsided. A month later she was back on the track, quite literally.

To her distress, she was in too much pain again. She could not work, could not enjoy activities with families, could not even perform daily chores with ease. She recalls, "When I was sick I remember not even being able to move my leg up or down."    

The diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis had brought her life to a complete halt.

While every effort was made to heal her, her condition continued to worsen. After repeated therapies, Neena was brought to Sharda Hospital.

The doctor recommended and subsequently performed an immediate knee replacement surgery as her articular cartilage was totally damaged, leaving her immobile.

Neena says, "Before I'd gone into surgery the doctor told me I will be able to function normally – I can already see signs of improvement. I am aware, it’s going to take time to heal, but the track awaits me.” 

Since then, Neena has led a normal life. 

"I can tell others to have faith in their doctor, because every good doctor has their patients' best interest at heart."

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