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Yasmin Gets a New Opportunity to Life After Successful Pituitary Tumor Treatment

Yasmin is a managing partner at a prestigious law firm. Her work demands her to be vigilant and pro-active at all times. Often, there were times she used to work two days straight without a break.

As empowering and challenging as her work was, Yasmin managed everything smoothly. In January 2015, her workforce took a strike as she began to experience dizziness and fatigue. After consulting with her family doctor, she found out that she had very low blood sugar.

Her condition worsened and she also began experiencing excruciating headache. The family doctor tested her for migraines and inner ear problem. The results were negative.

Without delay, the doctor referred her to see Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak at Sharda Hospital. After MRI and CT scan, the doctor diagnosed Yasmin with a prolactinoma, a benign tumour of the pituitary gland.

Yasmin processed the news with maturity. She discussed the treatment options with Dr. Pathak and agreed that she required surgery to lead a normal life. In June 2015, Yasmin was operated using a minimally invasive procedure called endoscopic surgery.

During the procedure, Dr. Pathak a small incision at the back of the nasal cavity. Then, he worked through the nostrils using the endoscope. Once the pituitary was exposed, the doctor removed the tumour.

Yasmin resumed her normal life after a resting period of 3 weeks. "I am living a healthy life today. The persistent efforts of the doctors at Sharda Hospital made me combat the most traumatizing time of my life." - Yasmin Rushdi  

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