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Deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s disease

Mrs. Anita Kapoor was casually sitting at her work desk one day when she noticed a slight tremor in her hand making it difficult for her to type. She assumed the first time as a casual phenomenon, but the next time she experienced it, she was scared. She now had to inform her husband about it. Mr. Kapoor couldn’t wait any longer to rush her to a nearby hospital.  

Failing to diagnose her condition, the case was transferred to the Neurology department at Sharda Hospital where a series of tests diagnosed that Mrs. Kapoor had Parkinson’s disease.  

As a 34-year-old working professional, suffering from Parkinson’s disease meant not leading a normal life anymore and probably also not being able to attend office.

For her, coming to terms with the fact that the disease was incurable was the biggest setback; however, consulting Dr. Bhardwaj made her understand the possibilities of success in the treatment. At first, she was put on a series of medications to keep the disease in control. However, as she did not seem to respond well to medications, the doctor suggested she undergoes deep brain stimulation surgery. 

Initially reluctant, Mrs. Kapoor and her family understood the positives of the surgery and finally decided to go for it. 

“The surgery has changed my life. I am much happier, much more mobile and my children are thankful for having their normal mom back,” says Mrs. Anita. “I am grateful to the doctors and staff at the Sharda Hospital for being so considerate and helpful during the course of treatment. I still have the disease and I know it can never be cured, however, the surgery has reduced the symptoms and medications considerably.” 

Mr. Kapoor, Mrs. Anita’s husband says that he is happy that his wife can lead a fairly active life. “Had it not been for the surgery, I wouldn’t have been able to sit on the co-driver’s seat ever,” he laughs.


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