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Toddler Struggles with Pyloric Stenosis, Gets Apt Treatment at Child Care Institute

While it is common for newborns to spit out their food, it can be worrisome in some cases. It was a latter case for Kiara, a 7 month old baby. As the frequency of vomits increased, the parents decided to approach the Sharda Hospital.

The couple went to the Sharda Hospital and were referred to the Child Care Institute of the Hospital where they were directed to Dr. Ravi Kale. The doctor prescribed ultrasounds and x-rays which concluded Kiara suffered from Pyloric Stenosis.

Pyloric Stenosis is an unusual condition of infants in which the food is restricted from reaching the small intestine, causing dehydration.

The doctor decided to perform a surgery to which the parents consented. The mother was not allowed to feed the baby until the surgery. Generally, the babies start eating normally right away. But, sometimes, they vomit till few days after the surgery. However, the parents are advised not to get panic but to follow some instructions, for example - tap the baby for few minutes on the back.

Next morning at 9:30 am the doctors and the team was ready to take the baby for the surgery.

The surgery lasted a couple of hours. The baby is recovering and is asymptomatic.

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