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The Department of Physiotherapy at Sharda Hospital works in close coordination with other departments to deliver quality care to the patients facing inhibitions in movement. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologically advanced medical equipment to ensure the swift healing of patients.

The division holds expertise in treating conditions like Arthritis, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Concussion, Frozen Shoulder, Heel and Foot Pain, Lower Back Pain, Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries, Neck Pain, Post Surgery, Repetitive Strain, Sports Injuries, and Tennis Elbow.

Every physiotherapy professional in the department is backed by extensive experience to render the pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapeutic intervention to the patients. The department of physiotherapy provides supreme therapeutic care ensuring the overall community well-being.

  • Neurophysiological Approaches- NDT, PNF, MRP
  • Movement Therapy,
  • Roods Sensory Facilitation Techniques
  • NeuroRehabilitation
  • Providing therapy in OPD
  • Various Wards of hospitals including ICU
  • Expert in treating adult and neurological Disorders patients
  • More than 13 years of Teaching and Clinical experience with vast research experience
  • Muscle Stimulators
  • Tilt table
  • Harness weight bearing (PWB, FWB)
  • Treadmill, Balance board
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Bobath table
  • Suspension therapy

Success Stories

Complete recovery of the patients from ailments is the prime objective of the doctors at Sharda Hospital. Let’s hear stories of successful treatment.

Arthritis Made Ajinkya Take a Back-Seat, Physical Therapy Proved to Be a Ray of Hope

Ajinkya had put on a lot of weight. He was over 15 kgs than his normal weight. Slowly, he began to face difficulties in performing the daily

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Physiotherapy Helped 23-Year-Old Woman to Combat Chronic Neck & Shoulders Pain

Maithili is a hard working career-oriented woman. Her dedication and passion earned her a position of Executive Manager at a very young age.

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Immobile After Giving Birth, Sana Gets Moving Again

Sana was 28-years-old and 8 months pregnant when she delivered her first child via emergency C-section. Despite experiencing severe back pai

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Paresh Is Living an Active Life After Years of Bulging Disc Pain

Paresh was suffering from a problem of bulged disc since 21 years of age. His condition gradually worsened over the years. After a while, he

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Sharda Hospital boasts of the team of veteran doctors it has empanelled in different units of COEs and departments for the best medical care.

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Sharda Hospital houses the Centers of Excellence wherein the latest medical equipment and best team of doctors are available round of clock.

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Sharda Hospital in collaboration with Sharda University runs School of Medical Sciences & Research for training and education of medical students.

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